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How Can Urolithin A Supplements Help Extend Your Healthy Lifespan?

How Can Urolithin A Supplements Help Extend Your Healthy Lifespan?

Urolithin A is one of the latest and most promising molecules discovered for improving the human lifespan. Urolithin A’s role in rejuvenating mitochondria will play a key role in offsetting the age-related deterioration in mitochondrial health over time. Urolithin A supplement lay down next to some flowers and candles.

What is Urolithin A?

Urolithin A is a naturally occurring compound that is created when we metabolise certain types of food. It is part of the Urolithin group of metabolites, all of which are produced in the gut when our gut bacteria interact with tannins known as Ellagitannins.

Since the 2000s, Urolithin A has been the recipient of extensive scientific studies to assess its impact on mitochondrial health, among other exciting effects such as increased muscular endurance and even reducing the impact and intensity of certain types of cancer. Urolithin A anti-ageing supplements on a wooden surface.

What Are the Benefits of Urolithin A?

Aiding Mitophagy, Muscular Endurance and More

The chief benefit of Urolithin A is its ability to aid the process known as mitophagy – the breaking down and removal of old, dysfunctional mitochondria cells.

As you may remember from biology classes, mitochondria produce energy from the food we eat, thereby giving all of the rest of our body the ability to perform optimally. These mitochondria have their own mitochondrial DNA and function as independent organelles, which have recently been discovered to form complex networks with each other through the body!

As we age, our mitochondria lose their efficiency. There are many factors behind this. One of the most important is the accrual of errors in their mitochondrial DNA; meaning that all further cellular divisions from that mitochondrial will also be dysfunctional.

Our body has a system to address these problems, known as mitophagy,whereby old, tired, and dysfunctional mitochondria are broken down and removed. However, with ageing, this system becomes increasingly burdened with the growing number of malfunctioning and old mitochondria. Mitophagy also slows down with age, and it can no longer keep up the growing ‘to do list’ across all the body’s cells!

As mitophagy become less effective in the ageing body, pressures on cellular health increase significantly. Age-related problems known to be the result of dysfunctioning mitochondria include cellular senescence (the accrual of so-called zombie cells), widespread chronic inflammation and decreases in stem cell production tied directly to poorly functioning mitochondria. Each of these issues further contribute to the rate at which we age.

Given these extreme pressures on the ageing human body, the ability of Urolithin A supplementation to increase mitophagy is quite exciting, and the health benefits which are being discovered through supplementing Urolithin A may make it a very promising addition to your personalised approach as a great anti-ageing supplement.

Recipients of Urolithin A supplements in a 2022 Study showed increased markers of mitochondrial health and reduced muscular fatigue over sustained periods of exercise.

Beyond this, Urolithin A’s anti-inflammatory and regenerative effects have also been observed to reduce the incidence and intensity of several types of cancer, including prostate, pancreatic and colon cancers.

What Foods Can Urolithin A Be Found In?

Urolithin A does not occur by itself in any food we eat, rather it is the byproduct of our gut bacteria breaking down certain types of food which contain ellagitannins.

Ellagitannins are found in foods including raspberries, walnuts, and pomegranate, and even in drinks like cognac and whisky! However, before you reach for the liquor cabinet or the fruit bowl, Urolithin A is only produced when the corrects foods are consumed in the right amounts and only around 20% of people have the right gut flora to convert ellagitannins into urolithins.

Furthermore, you would have to eat lots of pomegranates to produce the 500mg recommended daily dose of Urolithin A! As such, it is unreliable to depend on foods for your Urolithin A production.

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Where To Find Urolithin A Supplements? Urolithin A supplements are now available to purchase via  our ‘Subscribe and Save’ option. Choose whether you would like to consume 500mg of Urolithin A per day or 1g of Urolithin A per day. Once purchased you will have enough Urolithin A to last you an entire year! What’s more, our Urolithin A supplements are up to 36.8% cheaper than the nearest alternative – so there’s really no excuse to miss out. As you start on your journey with Urolithin A, we would love to hear back from you on the benefits you are observing, as you upregulate your mitophagy and clean up all those tired and dysfunctional mitochondria! anti-ageing supplement bundle to enhance longevity

How Can Urolithin A Supplements Help Extend Your Healthy Lifespan?

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