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Sirtuins and Calorie Restriction

Sirtuins and Calorie Restriction

In recent years, sirtuins have been thought to have the capability to increase a person’s healthy lifespan. Research has shown that calorie restriction can boost the effects of these sirtuins. But how do they work together?

Calorie Restriction

Calorie restriction is a type of dietary regimen that reduces food intake but does not lead to ill effects such as malnutrition. 

The word ‘reduce’ is quite a broad term, but this is because it is different for everyone. The amount that you reduce your calorie intake by is dependent on the number of calories you consumed before embarking on this dietary change.

It has been shown that reducing calorie intake by 20 – 30% while still reaching nutrient requirements can reduce or remedy diseases of ageing. This includes ailments such as dementia, heart disease and cancer.

Before deciding if calorie restriction is something that would work for you, it is important to consult your doctor. It can be dangerous to embark on this type of dietary regimen without consulting a medical professional.


A sirtuin is a type of protein. These proteins are involved in regulating different cellular processes. This includes cell ageing, cell death and the cell’s resistance to stress. They can also help to repair damaged DNA within your body’s cells.

Sirtuins Mediate The Effects Of Calorie Restriction

There have been many different studies conducted on the effects of calorie restriction. One of the most important was that it can help to extend a healthy lifespan.

After it was discovered that sirtuins are a class of ageing regulators, studies were conducted with simple organisms such as yeast and fruit flies. The results suggest that sirtuins mediate the effect of calorie restriction.

The results were shown most clearly in the yeast experiments. The calorie restriction increased the NAD levels in the yeast. This is an important piece of evidence supporting the activation of sirtuins when using calorie restriction. 

Similar results were found in worms and fruit flies. However, in the studies that have been conducted on mice, calorie restriction has led to an increase in sirtuin activity in the body’s tissues.

The studies that have been accumulated do show that the longevity contributions of sirtuins do lead to people getting the full benefits of calorie restriction.


As part of your calorie-restrictive diet, it would be beneficial to include a sirtuin-activating ingredient. This is because boosting your sirtuins is massively beneficial to your body and can help to boost both the health and longevity results that you receive. It has been shown to be even more helpful than calorie restriction. But by doing both as a part of your diet you will see the best results.

At our goal is to extend the healthy lifespan of as many people as possible. One of the ways we are able to do this is by funding and doing our own research into the latest longevity ingredients. This is how we created our ingredient known as SIRT6Activator. It is the first and only of its kind in the world!

Activating Sirtuin 6 has a wide range of benefits that can improve your overall health and longevity. From reducing inflammation to repairing DNA, it can have a big impact on your body. This is why we believe our SIRT6Activator would be a great addition to your diet. It could be even more beneficial if paired with a calorie-restricted diet.

Created by alongside Dr Vera Gorbunova, each batch is thoroughly tested separately to ensure that it is of high quality and activates sirtuin 6. These tests are carried out at the Gorbunova Aging Research Center in New York. If none of the harvested batches work correctly they must be thrown out and the process restarted. 

This ingredient is incredibly labour-intensive to produce, but the health results achieved by those that take SIRT6Activator are well worth it. Click here to kickstart your sirtuins today.

Sirtuins and Calorie Restriction

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