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Why Have Amazon NMN Sales Been Banned & What Does This Mean for you?

Why Have Amazon NMN Sales Been Banned & What Does This Mean for you?

Nicotinamide Mononucleotide (NMN) is a popular dietary supplement that has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to its health benefits and anti-ageing properties. However, Amazon recently made the decision to ban the sale of NMN supplements on their website. This has understandably left many people wondering why NMN has been banned and what it means for the future of the supplement. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at the background and context of this decision.

Amazon’s NMN Contained Hardly Any NMN!

NMN is a naturally occurring compound that is found in small amounts in food such as broccoli, and avocados. It works by boosting NAD+ levels in the body. NAD+ is believed to have various health benefits and cognitive functions. Our blog covering NMN benefits goes into this topic in more depth.

Despite the positives, Amazon recently banned NMN supplements on their website. There were lots of companies selling ‘NMN supplements’ with hardly any, if not no NMN at all in the supplement. We tried to warn Amazon about this a while ago, but they remained ignorant of the matter. However, Amazon has now banned the supplement so while their reasons may not be ethical, it is actually a positive move for consumers.

Reasons Why You Need to be Careful Buying Supplements Online

Supplement Quality Control

There is less oversight of the quality and safety of dietary supplements like Amazon NMN. This means that immoral supplement manufacturers may cut corners and use substandard or harmful ingredients in their products, which sometimes makes up the majority of the supplements you buy online! 

Amazon also has no control over the quality and safety of the products sold on its platform. While Amazon does have policies in place to ensure that sellers comply with applicable laws and regulations, they are not enforced. 

Additionally, many supplement manufacturers outsource their manufacturing to other countries, where there may be lower quality control standards. This can result in supplements that are contaminated, or contain inaccurate dosages… the supposed NMN supplements on Amazon had very little NMN in them at all!

Misleading Claims

Many supplement manufacturers make exaggerated or false claims about the effectiveness of their products. They may claim that their supplements can cure or prevent diseases, despite having little or no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Amazon Customer Reviews

When purchasing Amazon’s NMN or other supplements in the past, you may have noticed that some supplements had a lot of 5-star reviews. It’s important to take this information with a pinch of salt. Although customer reviews can be helpful when making purchasing decisions, Amazon reviews can be easily manipulated by sellers. Sellers offer incentives for positive reviews, leading to a biased representation of the product’s quality and effectiveness. 

Limited Support

When you purchase supplements on Amazon like Amazon NMN, you may not get access to the same level of support that you would from specialised retailers like This is because Amazon is designed to offer a large selection of products at low prices, rather than providing in-depth guidance and support to customers.

Another factor that can limit support on Amazon is the lack of direct communication between buyers and sellers. Many transactions on Amazon are automated, with little opportunity for direct interaction between buyers and sellers. This can make it difficult to ask questions or seek advice about supplements before making a purchase. Some people even believe they are buying “from Amazon” when in actual fact Amazon is just a marketplace, and there is no barrier to entry. This means you can set up an Amazon account today, put some sugar into a capsule and sell it as NMN!’s Pure NMN compared to Amazon NMN

Unlike the NMN that used to be available on Amazon, Pure NMN from is high quality and very affordable considering how pure it is. In fact, has the only NMN in the world with purity guaranteed to your door, to ensure it always supports your health and NAD+ levels.

What’s more,’s Pure NMN has been tested independently by third-party laboratories to confirm high purity and low heavy metal content.’s Pure NMN was recently tested and scored a massive 99.8% on NMN purity, this makes’s NMN the purest on the market! On the contrary, NMN purchased from Amazon was tested and shown to not contain what it said on the label. Pure NMN also comes with a quality guarantee. This means that we guarantee the purity and quality of this product to your door, no matter where you live!


The ban of Amazon NMN supplements is a significant development in the world of dietary supplements. Consumers of NMN can now be sure their product is safe and legitimate, by using sources like Shop the best longevity supplements today!

Why Have Amazon NMN Sales Been Banned & What Does This Mean for you?

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